I support the Following:

  • The Constitution 
  • The Republican Party Platform
  • Religious Freedom
  • The 2nd Amendment Rights
  • Medical Freedom
  • Right-to-Life
  • Legal Immigration
  • Term Limits
  • Right to Work
  • Social Security Repair
  • Campaign Finance Reform
  • A Balanced Budget


I will introduce legislation or sponsor existing legislation on the following issues:

  • Combat sex and human trafficking
  • Assist the victims of sex and human trafficking
  • Help states to find solutions for affordable housing crisis
  • Help states and localities find solutions to homelessness (which will require dealing with the multifaceted causes of homelessness – mental illness, drug addictions, lack of resources, etc.)
  • To make the tax cuts permanent
  • To end the practice of “let it burn” forest management that has allowed forest fires to go unchecked threatening the lives of our citizens, their livestock, and land and to open up the national forest land to logging and other practices that reduce the risk of forest fires, while maintaining the forest for everyone to enjoy for generations to come.
  • To make congressional retirement and health insurance options the same as private citizens and to end any other perks or benefits that congress has granted itself that the private citizens do not have access to
  • To fix the problems with Medicare
  • To correct issues with the justice system, similar to the First Step Act and encourage the states to do the same with the state justice system
  • To repeal and replace Obamacare, while protecting coverage for those with pre-existing conditions